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/ ​Ryo Fuuka
生年月日 / 1985年10月12日
出 身 地 / 栃木県日光市
血 液 型 / B型

Born in Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture.
Began calligraphy from the age of 7, acquire qualifications of calligraphy teacher at the age of 14, and also have all the pen guidance qualifications.

he best award at Japan's highest calligraphy exhibition.

In 2010, it was taken up in the newspaper as "a beautiful calligrapher", and the access of the Ameba Blog continues to maintain 200,000 a month.

As early as the book "Beauty character practice book" "Beauty calligraphy" "Surprisingly improved at 20th, beautiful writing practice book" "writing order of easy-to-make kanji that should have been learned at elementary school", TV, newspaper, magazine In addition to disseminating goodness of handwriting vigorously in each media, calligraphy performance, beauty letter lecture at new product presentation and corporate events etc. are popular, and also handling product logos and program titles etc.

Calligraphy sales, calligraphy performance, beautiful text guidance, product logo creation,
​In Japanese movies and dramas I also do calligraphy instruction and dubbed hands.

I also write the title of animation work etc

書道家 涼風花 りょうふうか

​calligrapher RyoFuuka Official web site

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